Dominant Phonesex Fantasy Calls With Mistress Simone

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Do you often dream of having a large cock. You look at the commercials that tell you to buy their creams, lotions, or pills promising an erection that you satisfy your lover.

Well honey, I'm going to tell you right now, your cock is small. It doesn't come close to a size I would enjoy. However, there is Great news for you. You, my little friend, have found My switch mistress site. Here, you can have that 9inch cock that I enjoy. You actually be large enough that I would want to have good old fashion sex with.

You boys all know about the cuckold fantasy right? I cheat on you with a man that is well endowed. Well, how much would you enjoy it if YOU were that man.

You could be the man that I leave My boyfriend or husband for in the middle of the night....

Yes, I am a Mistress, but to you My dear....

I would switch...

My name is Simone and you will become addicted to My voice and adore My mind.

Are you wanting more?

Then you need a switch Mistress!!!

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